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Diplomat Chess

K-12 Pingry Quads, 2/11 at 9:00am

K-12 Pingry Quads, 2/11 at 9:00am

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The Pingry School, 131 Martinsville Rd, Basking Ridge, NJ 07920

For K-12 players, including those playing in their first event.

This is a US Chess rated quads style chess tournament. Players will be placed into groups of four based on rating*, unrated players participating in their first tournament will be grouped by age. Quads are non-elimination, and each player will play everyone in their group for a total of three games. At the end of the third game, the winner of each quad will receive a trophy, and the second place finisher will get a medal. 

The time control for this tournament is G/25; d/5, meaning that both players start with 25 minutes on their clocks, and have a five-second delay each move before their clock starts ticking down.

For new players and players rated under 800, quads typically finish in about 60-90 minutes. For more experienced players, the event can last 90-120 minutes, and as long as 3 hours (although this is rare).

  • Players should arrive around 8:45am
  • Games begin at 9am
  • Diplomat Chess provides FREE US Chess Federation memberships (this is needed to obtain a chess rating) for all players that aren't members, or have had their membership expire- a $20 value!
  • Games will be played in the Wilf Commons
  • Free on-site Wifi will be provided
  • Register early, as the entry fee will increase from $40 to $50 the Tuesday before the tournament.
  • Online registration closes 2/10 at 4pm. On-site registration is $50, cash only.

Chess sets are provided, bring a chess clock if you have one.

Please direct questions to

*Live ratings from the Monday before the tournament will be used.

February Quads- SOLD OUT

Saturday, 2/11, 9am
The Pingry School
131 Martinsville Road, Basking Ridge, NJ 07920
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